Have A Reason.

HARBËR is a brand created in homage to those who lead and inspire; “Have A Reason. Be Ëvery Reason.” is an international movement.

Based on 4 principles; Purpose, Determination, Motivation, and Success. Our belief is that through purpose and determination one finds the motivation to achieve success.


Be Every Reason.

 We encourage members of the movement to pursue and find their "reason", in whatever arena, and to reach success by following their aspirations. We encourage wearers to be leaders, those who can inspire others to find that purpose within themselves.

HARBËR is a movement started by three motivated young men native to the Massachusetts/508 area, Harry Berduo, Luca Pignatiello, and Taylor Ross. For more information or to get in contact with any one of the founders directly, e-mail: HARBERclothing@gmail.com.